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Debi Roberson

Debi is an artist currently working in Yorkshire, Oxford and Wales.


My work is largely concerned with story-telling. I’m particularly drawn to urban landscapes and the interactions between humans and their environment. Just at the moment, under lockdown, that seems particularly relevant. I love the work of Hopper and Lowry, bursting with potential stories of unknown lives. Maggie Hambling’s ‘Gulf Women preparing for War’ speaks volumes

In making visual work we use colour, shape and composition to guide the viewer’s attention and set the mood of a piece, but the interpretation of it is not constrained. Each observer, looking at the same image or artefact, decodes the story that it tells in their own way. It becomes a collaborative act between the creator and the viewer and that collaboration remains free to vary. That’s the enduring excitement of making new work.

I have lived and worked on the move for most of my adult life. Having dropped out of formal art training early, I travelled extensively in southern Europe, the Pacific Basin, Asia and Africa for 20 years before settling back in the UK in the late 1990s. Wherever I went I took whatever jobs were available but I never stopped making artwork. Now I am relatively settled between Oxford, Yorkshire, and Wales, making and selling work in the company of family and friends. I recently decorated the tiki hut in Oxford that’s on the front page of this flip book. Pieces of my work have found their way into private collections in 4 Continents and I have exhibited recently in Saltaire, Bradford and Ilkley. My work has also been pre-selected for the Columbia-Threadneedle prize.


Other examples of my work are on Instagram at: Https://


8 Sherwood Grove, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD18 4EB.

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